Error message when making a copy

I wish to make a copy of a simple item. I can move it ok, but when I try to copy it by clicking on the little plus sign, I get the following error message at the top of the screen. “ Transform operation failed, because it would not create a valid body.“

What an I doing wrong?

Hi, welcome to the forum! Can you please upload a small screen recording of your workflow beginning with the selection? It can happen that more elements are selected than it would be needed - I mean edges and faces too, but faces would be enough.

Please take a look at this article, I hope it will be helpful:

Thanks for replying so quickly.

Attached is a video. I just want to duplicate one of the cylinders. First I just move it a little to show that works. Then I click on the plus and try to move it again, hoping to make a copy.

Ron (2.3 MB)

Oh, I see! With a single tap only the surface will be selected that you tap onto. Please double-tap on the surface to select the whole body and there will be no issues with the copy :slight_smile: