Even distribution of objects in a space

Sorry if this is somehwere, but I’ve been looking and can’t find and an answer. Is there a way to evenly distribute these slats in the frame? Thank you. Shapr3d on iPad.


It’s been a looong time and this feature still doesn’t seem to exist. This is one of the most needed basic features of design

Hi novynova,

until we have this feature (don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it is not missing), here is the best workaround I can imagine, apart from creating the sketch evenly distributed :grinning:

  • spacing for 8 lats = (frame length - lats length) / 9
  • select the lats and then select the frame to get the measurements and do the maths, 16mm and 35mm in the video, so spacing = (35 - 16)/9 = 2.1111mm

Not ideal, but feasible.


Really nice use of the Align tool. Well done!

Agreed with the align tool usage. But this feels wholly unnecessary for such a basic functionality

I feel your pain!

What frustrates me more is the lack of an ‘align group’ tool.

I had to union the slats with the frame to make a single body in order to align with each of the openings in the model. This means I can’t go back to edit the individual slats if required.

I welcome the ability to align a group of sub-assemblies as one.

You could create the first slat then duplicate/move it then select both and duplicate/move again, select all four then duplicate/move again and so on…

You can build up arrays of objects quite quickly this way.

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I, along with others, have raised this issue with the Shapr3D team. I don’t think it’s a priority at the moment but I believe it’s something that’s on the roadmap for the future.

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