Expanded metal CRASH!

Expanded metal + Shapr3D 5.0 on iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (5th generation) 15.1 software update

I have tried downloading a step file and have modeled from scratch……….

Both versions I tried to have expanded metal in a drawing for a customer crashes after locking up Shapr3D

Specifically EXPANDED METAL STYLE 1-1/2”-#9

what exactly is your concern? Do you want to import or draw an expanded metal?
A little more information wouldn’t be bad!

I have imported a step file (actually 5 different files 5 different times in 5 different new drawings from grabcad, all made Shapr3D crash)

So then I took the time to model the sheet of expanded metal I needed in a new drawing

I tried to model one 5’x10’ sheet of expanded metal…….a single sheet and it made Shapr3D crash, when I tried to “translate - copy” the last 24” of a single sheet.

Hi! Could you please upload the files here, or attach a link to access them? Let me have a look at them :slight_smile:

Yes the file is large but it should not crash

Thanks, as I can see it is a pretty detailed patterned shape. It can easily happen that the iPad simply runs out of memory (RAM) while trying to open the file. Is there any reason why you need the full detailed wired shape in full size for modeling?

Could you please tell me if Shapr3D actually crashes or does it take a significant amount of time to open the file?

No it closes the app…….its working on “union” or “copy-move” or “translate-copy”

Detail? I have 503GB capacity and 408GB available

How do I reduce detail, and that’s what I use this for?

Dude, that’s tough! 87 MB for this expanded metal! Even my gamer PC needed 1-2 minutes to load the part! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Too violent for Shapr3D.

As you can see in picture 2, the whole thing is very strange and not properly constructed:

Hello @Madman,
The bottleneck here should be the RAM, not the storage. iPads regularly have a few gigabytes of ram accessible, however, the storage can be terabytes.

Arraying hundreds of bodies, even simpler ones like a sphere may need an unbelievable amount of performance relative to the geometry, but that should be rendered, etc. Please use a simpler model to represent this part, like a transparent planar body, while you could show the detailed metal part in a smaller model where just a few pieces are patterned.

Hi there Madman,
Expanded metal or even punched sheet is pretty much a PITA even in high end cad on a workstation, it’s the number of complex surfaces, and if you want to shape it-!!!, good luck with that. Generally speaking for representing it I usually end up using a texture but if you want engineering calculations then you either have to create your own material or do it long hand.