Expected LiDar Uses and Accuracy

Lidar potential uses in Shapr3D

I’m dying to see the new Shapr3D update in iPadOS 14 to allow in-app lidar scanning and modeling. I see in the commercial that instant floor plans are one of the potential uses, but I am wondering about the accuracy and scale possibilities for other uses, such as scanning people and objects to create a CAD model of them, to scanning super large rooms for use for modeling for VR. What can I expect to see, based on the current iPadOS 14 beta APIs, and the lidar camera’s hardware?

It’s in the works. Can’t share more now :wink:

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IOS and iPadOS usually gets released to the public in September just before the Iphone keynote (maby october because of corona). So I guess we will se something around then? :slight_smile:
Maby showcased with a new ipad air 2020 in the september/october ?:wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking forward for it like a kid waits for christmas :smiley: