Fails to Export

I made a model and have exported to .3mf a half dozen times between version changes. All of a sudden, I get a “failed to export” error message. I look at the community help and tried renaming the model in the side window, taking it out of the folder, and a few other things. I tried restarting Shapr and PC. So, I thought something got messed up with the model.

I rebuilt it from scratch – Took 5 hours! And guess what – IT STILL FAILS TO EXPORT! I tried exporting as .obj and while that “successfully” saved. There is nothing there when I open it in my slicer program.

I’ve had so many issues since the update – like random freezes, zooming so far out that it is just a black screen, can’t just copy or move things without errors (Can’t just highlight what you want – you have to select each thing individually), I really want to give up with Shapr right now.

Hey GraphicSquib,

Please open a support ticket using the link below and send us the following:

  • The version of Shapr3D you are using
  • The detailed hardware and software specs of the device you are using
  • The email address you are using Shapr3D with
  • A screen recording of the problem
  • The affected WorkSpace in .shapr format.

I figured it out after 2 hours of trial and error. Narrowed it down to the 9’s in 1992 – projected it back to the surface and noticed it wouldn’t let me highlight the 9s to extrude. Deleted a line, reconnected, re-extruded and now it works. I have no idea why would allow me to extrude the first time on both my Originals and remakes. I had 1992 on one of my versions that I made previously that worked but they were extruded down into the base vs extruded on top. It also didn’t work when I extruded the 1992 back down after it had been raised.

So I went back to my models that I hadn’t been doing testing on, deleted one little “block” on the extruded side and bam, I could export them. I can’t believe I wasted my Saturday on this.