Export for 3D printing 200%

Hi, i am quitte new on Shapr3D and while I export the 3D models and open them into PrusaSlicer it is scaled 200%.
Did I miss something?
Thank you.

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What OS/version are you using? Are you exporting STL or for 3D printing? I’ve had no issues when exporting for 3D printing from iPad/Mac to Flashprint (Flashforge) slicer.

Hi, I am using the latest iOS version on an iPad 5th Gen.
i do export for 3D printing. I did not try export as STL directly. I will do.

OMG that is absolutely my mistake. I mixed up radius and diameter. So of course I had 200%. Sorry guys, newbee mistake :sweat_smile:


Well, that’s half the problem…! :rofl:
Glad it’s resolved.

Or is that twice the problem? :grin:

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