Export formats

Hi team

I thinking about start using your app for my work as Lightdesign in theatre. But will it be possible to export my models from your app in one of this formats:

Does wyg support any of this formats?
STEP, IGES and high quality STL. ?
I haven’t heard of them before, but I’m pretty sure that neither of them are supported.
WYSIWYG can open the following files straight in the program:

*.dwg (AutoCAD etc.)
*.dxf (AutoCAD etc.)
*.skp (Sketchup)
*.obj (Wavefront etc.)
*.dae (Collada)
*.fbx (Filmbox)
*.3ds (3D Studio Max)

I would prefer that it is 3D format :slight_smile:

Thanks great job your app looks great, but before I can use it I need to be able to export:)


Here is a detailed explanation of these formats: http://blog.shapr3d.com/export-import-formats-supported-by-shapr3d/

These are industry standard file formats that are supported by all the major 3d modeling systems.

What is wyg?

Hi :slight_smile:

Okay but the program I would love to import your models to is only support the file formats that I have listed.

Wyg. Is the file format the program we a using to draw and simulate lights for theatre,concert etc.

Read more about the program her: http://www.cast-soft.com/wysiwg/

These are all mesh formats (except dwg) so I suppose wyg is a meah modeller. In the linked blog post you can read more about the difficulties of importing mesh files to Shapr, and about why we don’t support it (yet).

Okay :frowning:
Maybe I can find a work a round, maybe export from the app to a program that supports your format, and then export from the program to a format that wyg. Can use. Will that be possible and still have the right scale etc. ?

It is really really hard to convert mesh to boundary representation in general. But not impossible, some CAD software can do that, but the results can be unsatisfying quite often.

The output quality quite depends a lot on you input geometry. Can you show some examples?

You could try something like this

Your mileage may vary and I doubt will be anything approaching perfect.

I personally have been using this to import mesh into Shapr3D when I really need to modify a mesh body for something.