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I’ve tried several times to import .step and .iges files without any luck. I created the files using AutoDesk Fusion 360 on my Mac. I then use AirDrop to share them. I’m prompted by Shapr3d to load the file and tell it to load it in a new workspace. I have yet to see it pull it in at all. The workspace remains empty after import.

There are several possibilities here including the possibility/likelihood I’m not saving the files correctly from Fusion 360. I’ve tried starting from an STL file import. That doesn’t work. I’ve also tried creating a new simple sketch and extruding it in Fusion and then exporting that as .iges and .step. Those don’t work either. Any suggestions?


Actually it is working. But different than before.

It’s importing the file but it’s moving the shape and sketch way out in the workspace. Took me a few different tries and files to catch it. A quick way to check is to see if it creates a group with the shape(s), that’s how I caught it.

Take a look at the screenshot and see how far from center it was imported.


Interesting, it shouldn’t move anything at all, I will check. It should place the object where it was in the source modeler.


The import issue I seen yesterday may have been that last file I used as I am not seeing it today. But I did just install the latest beta, I suppose it is always possible that this fixed the issue.

I did create a few basic shapes with Fusion 360 also on a Mac and exported as a step file and was able to import each of them without issue.


So this morning I tried it again after reading the responses and I was able to load a .step file that I created from scratch in Fusion. However, the files where I imported an .stl into Fusion and then exported as .step, didn’t work.

Also, I checked the groups popover and there was nothing in there.


Exporting STL out of Shapr3D and into Fusion 360, then converting to a STEP file will not work. The STL is just a bunch of triangles with no info to convert properly, I haven’t seen it work properly. Too many variations with STL that would cause issues and make it fail.

So that result in my opinion is expected. But maybe others with far more experience than I can weigh in here.


Yes, that’s correct. I should write a blog post about the differences of mesh modeling and boundary representation.


Yeah. That might help, Istvan, as I would bet many people, like me, are new to 3D modeling and are using Shapr3D precisely because it is far more intuitive than other apps including Fusion. Understanding differences like that would be helpful. Thanks for the feedback. I have gotten another .step file to load correctly in the mean time, btw. Thanks again.


I have been planning to do this for a while, I just didn’t have time for it yet :frowning:


We wrote a post on this topic last year:

It was also discussed on the forum:

If you feel that anything is missing from these, just let me know and I’ll extend the posts with extra info.


Cool. That’s helpful!