Export free version info

Can I just check about exporting to stl in the free version.
If I create an item with extruded separate sections, does it still keep these as separate bodies when exporting. Because once I import item into keyshot 9 for texturing the item becomes one object, I can’t now texture individual parts of model?

It is independent of the free or paid version of Shapr3D. If you export more than one solid bodies in an STL, most of the softwares are not able to select the bodies one by one, and the stl is treated like a bunch of grouped bodies. I am afraid that happens in your case.
What can be a solution is to export the bodies one by one, that way they can be imported anywhere and each part will have the whole group’s original coordinate system from Shapr3D, so you do not have to reorientate them.

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Thank you for your reply, I will look into the alternative way you have suggested.