Feature Request - Export Selected Body/Bodies

Hi Guys, I use Shapr3D to make a lot of small - medium products and I have a lot of products derived from one another on a single file. At the moment I’ve been using the ‘Save Each 1st Level Item Separately’ option to export STLs of a particular body or bodies. But it would really be beneficial to have an ‘Export select bodies’ that ignores whether it is first level or not and just exports each item with its respective name.

Is this something that is in the works? If not it would be great to see this sort of functionality.

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Hey, Shapr3D team, is there any progress with this feature?

As a workaround, when I don’t need to export sketches in .shapr file I delete them and then undo, or create a copy of the project and export it. It works but export selected would be a great improvement.

Thank you!

Only the selected items will be exported if the required objects are isolated and include hidden items option is off on the export dialog.
It doesn’t apply for .shapr format, this is the native format in which everything is saved from the workspace.

Yes, I know that other formats have an ability not to export hidden items, but having this in .shapr would be great too!

Unfortunately that’s not possible. The purpose of the shapr format is to create backups if necessary. What would you like to achieve woth this?

Hi all, the original poster here.

So as far as I can tell (if I’m wrong, please correct me) but there still isn’t a functionality for export selected bodies regardless of folder hierachy. Only 1st Level items. I’m currently using the latest version and just tested to confirm objects in folders are still exporting as a grouped single STL or STEP files. I’ve attached a screenshot of what is exported vs what is in the folder.

Screenshot 2023-08-23 at 15.17.38

At the moment I’ve just given up and everying is in the 1st folder level, but this is complete organisational nightmare and personally I can’t understand why this feature hasn’t been implemented, surely it cannot be that difficult to do. It wastes so much of my time…

Don’t get me wrong, I love Shapr3D and almost everything works great, but the lack of this export feature is a massive pain in my workflow and probably others too.

Hi @Istvan, very glad to meet you and thank you for Shapr!

I usually create components for my woodworking projects separately, e.g. I create a nightstand and than in another project I create a drawer. This approach is more productive, since I can create several variations of drawers and than import them to the nightstand to find a perfect match.

Everything works well except one thing. When you import drawer to the nightstand, sketches for drawer got imported too and merged to the nightstand sketches on the same planes.

As a workaround I create a copy of the drawer, delete sketches in it and export/import this copy.

As a possible solution, it would be great to have a listing of items that will be imported from selected file.

Got it. I’d recommend exporting to X_T, where you can control which parts to include in the export with your selection, and the sketches won’t be imported then.

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Thanks @Istvan, I will try.

I sincerely appreciate your assistance in addressing Igor’s concerns. However, I’ve noticed that my own issue, which I believe is quite distinct from his, has not yet received any attention. I would be extremely grateful if you could kindly provide a response and engage in a discussion regarding my feature request. Your consideration is greatly valued.

Hi @bweath, your feature request makes a lot of sense. In the next few months we’ll spend some time on improving the export flows, and we’ll consider your feedback when we prioritize the improvements.


Thank you @Istvan I appreciate that! :slight_smile:

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@Istvan - just sent you a message. Bumping this.