Export .obj with colors ( help )

Hello, everybody!

It’s my first time here. I hope to learn a lot from you.

I’m trying to export an .obj with some different colored areas but when I open it in cinema 4D or Spark AR… it doesn’t recognize the different zones. Am I doing something wrong? The whole object is shown in white… Is there any way I can open the .obj with the different colors? I’m attaching you some images…

Could you help me please?
Thank you very much!

This is the image from cinema 4D… I Would like to have the different zones with the 2 colors from shape3d

I think it’s our fault, in OBJ I think we don’t export face by face, we just simply write out the entire body as a single triangle set. Are colors recognized by Cinema4D? Or can you import step or x_t file to Cinema4D? You may get better results with that.

Hi - I have the same question, which I think could be solved if your obj export was changed from vertex colors, to texture and material - the usual obj file format. Either that or give the choice of vertex colors or texture style obj.

You would think that converting from vertex to texture would be simple but I have been searching and trying (mostly in Meshlab) with no luck. Hoping for a solution! Thanks!

BTW the obj mesh comes out fine, and the choice of breaking it up into the top level elements is useful. But getting the Shapr3D colors exported over in a texture would be great.