OBJ file in color for export


I would like to know if it is now possible to export Obj files with color as I have tried various options but it remains a mono colored image.

Secondly, are you able to save an image as an mtl file as this may help solve the problem?

I am loving Shapr3D.

Many thanks


I would also like to know this!

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Hello! There is an option to include the vertex colors in the Advanced Options of the OBJ export. Could you please try to export the file that way?

In macOS Preview the file has colors, please feel free to share your experience.

ps.: These settings are not available in the Windows version yet, we are working on it!


Is it applicable in the iOS version aswell because I am using the platform on iPad Pro.


Yeah, the screenshot was made on an iPad. Just open up the Advanced Options of the OBJ export

‘Include mesh bodies’ option doesn’t work for me when importing the object into another 3D program called uMake. Shapr only exports a .obj file and no .mtl file.

Hi, I tried the advanced options. It still does not export in color.

I am also curious if this option becomes available. I am using the obj in external rendering software, but all the object have the same color making it very time-consuming to texture them. Including vertex colours doesn’t make any difference.