Exporting Vertex colours

Hi All,
I’m exporting my designs in obj. Using the ‘include vertex colours’ tab switched on and then importing them to Blender but the colours are not included.
Can anyone tell me If Blender is one of the ‘not supported by some apps’?

Does anyone know If I need to select anything in blender to make them show?
Only using blender because of the limitations of Shapr at this time but it’s much easier to build and colour in Shapr. It’s a pain to have to re-colour in blender!

Which Blender version are you using? 3.3 LTS is the first version which supports OBJ vertex colors.

What are the limitations in Shapr3D which makes you use Blender?

I find that exporting to usdz, adding .zip to the file name, unzipping and importing into blender does a pretty ok job of bringing textures over.

The main thing that sort of blows up though is shapr3d’s idea of separate objects doesn’t translate 1-1 with blender’s idea of faces, so in my limited experience the geometry gets grouped by texture, not by object, then texture.

As far as why one would use blender instead of shapr3d, if OP is anything like me, it’s more like we want to use blender, but the modeling is incomprehensible and shapr3d rocks. So some of us probably want to have a design in shapr3d, render in blender workflow. OP, am I misrepresenting you?

Thanks for all the information, will look into all this.
I love using Shapr but there are 3 reasons I need to use Blender,
1, I need co-ordinates, I know everything really starts at 0.0.0 but it can’t tell me the co-ordinates If I move the object and I need to know that info.
2, I need to decimate the object so it is a lower polycount so I can view online without the possibility of slowing down as I’m adding a few files on top of each other.
3, I need to save in glb format

I’ve asked on the forum a few times about these items but I believe at this time it’s not possible via Shapr3D