Export& scaling issue

Hey there,

So I’m exporting an .stl. In shapr the part is 48mm. Importing in my slicer app and other CAD apps the scaling is waaaaay off! It imports as .048mm. So I did a search in the forums and some recommended scaling up in Shapr and then export. Well, I scaled the part up AND the top face did not scale up but the rest did. Please attached. So after scaling up I have an open face part instead of a solid part.

  1. why is the export scaling so off?
  2. why did the face of my part not scale up with the rest of the part?

Hi, there is an Advanced Settings option at the bottom of the STL export page, where you can set the units to export. Can you please check if it is the same as your modeling units?

There should be no need for extra scaling when exporting to STL :slight_smile:

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