Export to PDF

New user…It would be a benefit if we could export to PDF formats for those clients without 3d cad software.

Is this something I am overlooking?

please advise

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No, currently you can’t export to PDF. But what would you like to export to PDF? The sketches only? Or the entire model to 3d pdf?

Thank you for the quick response.

Basically for some clients we thought it may be helpful (for those without CAD software) to provide a PDF image (similar to attached)…

Im currently screen saving then exporting to PDF…so that works…but just wondered if there was a more efficient way of doing this.

This software is of GREAT help ….we love it!!


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I don’t see the attached file, can you check it please?

I could see this being cool for showing off designs. I almost see it as being able to save a screenshot, but without the UI — just the viewport, no buttons, no icons, maybe not even a grid. Just the 3d model / curves.

Lets try that…

This is what Im supplying…screen save exported as PDF>. Just hoping to do something a bit cleaner.


Attaching PDFs was not allowed, I changed the settings of the forum, can you try it again?

U3D would be great! :slight_smile:

would love it if there was an pdf export function


Yes, 3D pdf would be great.