Export Failed

Hey All,

Ok, so I was directed to use more CAD-related files when importing(essentially) because the STL files I found kept giving me ‘mesh bodies cannot be selected’ errors. So I decided to grab a CAD file that had a .STEP extension. I imported it just fine. Looks good in the app, but I cannot export it as an STL file at all (either high quality or normal). I keep getting "Export failed. Failed to create file).

What do I need to do to STEP files to make it so that Shapr3D will export into an STL file without any issues?

This is the file I am trying to work with. 12.9 MB file on MEGA

Hi Don,

Probably because the surface is broken, there are holes in it,
Very likely occurred when you added the fillets


I took a look at your file and yes, there are holes as @Robert had stated.
I too have come across a STEP file that, after import, I was able to work with and was unable to export and got the same error message as you did. Bottom line, the STEP file was corrupt for lack of a better word. A colleague was able to convert the broken STEP file to STL by using this free online service. Might be worth a try if you need to convert to STL.

Here it is-


Hmm, thanks for the feedback. Wasn’t a file that I created but good to know about understanding how to analyze files for issues.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll see if that works.