Exporting and sharing with colour into another mobile app


I’m new to CAD and 3D design. I’ve bought the pro version for iPad and it’s great. I’ve drawn some creations that I would like to share with colleagues that do not have Shapr3D.

I would like to export my files from the app to be viewable (only, not editable) in 3rd party apps for Android and IOS. When I export my creations in any format (such as .obj) and try and load them in other apps (such as 3D Orb) they lose their colour and are just blank in colour.

I’m an EOD Operator drawing munitions in cross section in colour and would like to share them with others so they can see how the items work. Ideally I could send the 3D objects via WhatsApp or a cloud service for them to open in a 3rd party app (with the colour created in Shapr3D) for them to view and interact with in 3D.

Would welcome ideas in the right format I should export, and what apps I should recommend my colleagues to use (out of their own pocket £).

Any tips would be very welcome!

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You will see that I know nothing about your subject. However knocking this up in a couple of minutes and creating a ‘section’ view may give the answer you are looking for, except if you need your recipients to be able to manipulate to differing view points.

This is S3D Export > Image > apply Grid and Background settings > Save as .png.

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Maybe too ‘cheap’ but if you can work with multiple fixed view point it will not cost anything extra.