Exporting list of materials

Is there a way to export the list of parts shown in the Items tab?


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Yes! Just press the Isolate button at the bottom of the Items menu (next ot the New Folder button), and then export the design.

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Hey Istvan,
I think this was not what Wayne was thinking about… I think he wants something like a Bill of Material of the Item-manager…
I don’t think there is a way to do this right now, but I also doubt, that this information (a single colum without quantity, etc.) is really helpful.
We would need

  • components / assemblies
  • a column for quantity
  • ability to give components several custom properties that will find a column in the BOM
    Best Regards Matt

I could start with just a list, and import into Excel to scrub and consolidate, but the feature to export a line item list of all part numbers and nomenclature in a comma delimited file that I could use to create a bill of materials for all parts in the drawing is what I’m looking for.

Any ideas or suggestions?


In the most recent versions of Excel you can import data from a picture in the Data tab. Possibly you could screenshot the items manager in Shapr, and then import that into columns in Excel.

The Excel app on iPhone can do it as well. I’ve taken pictures of data on a screen (it helps if it’s in tabular form) and import it into rows and columns.

I should experiment with this myself, just curious if it would work. It should.