Parts list from folder structure

I have a complex project going on which I organised in sub-assemblies each having lots of components. The folder structure follows this, so there is a high level folder for each sub-assembly (currently 6). Within each sub-assembly folder I have a number of components and/or sub-folders that contain grouped components.
Is there an easy way to print a complete list of the folders with their components or, if that is not available, is t possible to print a list of all components (bodies) with an indication in which folder within the design project it resides?


I too have the same issue, currently have re-create the items manager in Numbers or Excel to create a BOM I can use. It would be awesome to have some way of exporting the items list.

Just bumping this. Would really appreciate an answer, preferably a solution to get the list printed

I can’t see that this was answered - is there a solution to exporting the BOM, plus a group print of all the drawings without viewing each of them individually just to print them?

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