Object names not exported in STEP

Hi Guys.
I’ve recently purchased a subscription for the product and have produced a number of simple drawings. In order to produce a decent cut list / BOM I have exported the drawings using STEP and imported into fusion 360 just so I can then use a script to produce a csv based BOM.

The problem is that all drawings lose object names when exporting. The folder structure seems to be retained but all are just named body.

I thought I saw someone else discussing this but the last post was “we will look into it” what is the status of this problem? Is there something I can do to fix this issue? Or are there better ways to export this sort of info that I’m unaware of?
There appears to be no real bom feature, no cut list no easy way to export the drawing to create a useable cut list.


Have you tried exporting using X_T format?

No at $700 that’s way too expensive for one additional function. The yearly price for standard is already too high

Is there any movement on this?

Just checking. So your answer is to spend more?
Really poor support for a very expensive yearly fee.

We are still investigating the issue.