Exporting not functionning

Hello!, quick question. I’ve been using Shapr3d for a while now and just recently ive had difficulty exporting out a new project.

Its a vehicle made of 200ish bodies. I have tried exporting with step and iges, however after 2 hours it still hasnt exported the car out.

Is there a way to export faster?, or workarounds to help with times?. maybe chop it into multiple scenes and export sections out?.

thankyou :slight_smile:

Hi Mark,

Would exporting to x_t work foor you? To what system are you going to import your design?

i havent tried X_t yet, its purely to export to Fusion360 for rendering. so as long as i can import it and assign materials any format id be ok with.

i managed to get IGES exported. but some parts are missing. tried step again and it just is going after 2 hours.

the IGES file is almost a gig. if i combine bodies, remove sketches, reduce folders etc. does that help at all?. thanks!

Great to hear that. X_T is much faster, and works much better with Fusion360. Try that out. It should export in a