Export selected body

Is there a way to select a body and do a quick export of it to a specific format? I usually make simple adjustments to models for 3D printing and having to click several times to get a file out is a bit cumbersom. Fusion360s export feature is much more streamlined. Can I set up a hot key to do this?

I am new to shapr3d and use it on my ipad and mac mini for now. I am primarily using it for 3D printing on my prusa FFM printer.


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Hello @sjorgens, please Isolate the part you wish to export, then hit export. This way only the isolated parts will be exported. Let me share an article with you about the Isolate, you’ll find it at the bottom of the page:


This only works when I export to a DIFFERENT format.

When I isolate a solid and export to Shapr format, everything gets included, including all the invisible objects. This is easy to see because both the original file and the exported file are 7MB in size, even though I’m only exporting one solid.

However, when I export to x_t format, only the isolated parts are exported, and everything works the way I would expect.

Is this a bug? I’d prefer to use Shapr’s native format.

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Yes, I’ve tried this, too and it would be a very useful facility to have available.

Isolate and export to .shapr certainly exports the whole project - exporting to .usdz, for example, brings up a menu with a ‘show hidden objects’ checkbox but this is not available for exporting to .shapr, which is unfortunate.

A useful feature…so nearly there!