Solved - Reccomendations for IOS VR app

I’m competly new to the CAD world, but still managed to make a rather detailled drawing of my house fairly quickly.
Now I think it could be fun to walk around in it “cardboard”- style VR or at least see it rendered in 3D on a flat surface through AR. Apple seems to have created solid API’s like ARKit for that, but what apps would you reccommend to get started?

I guess export to the USDZ Apple uses would go a long way. Could anybody point me in the way of a decent tool that can convert from any of Shaprs export formats?

I haven’t tried this personally but I use an app called Sculptura to do some 3D free form modeling. It can open the HQ STL files or OBJ files from Shapr 3D and then Sculptura let’s you export in the USD format. I’ve never tried it but I know it’s possible. Sculptura is $9.99 on the App Store.

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Thanks @Redphyre for the Sculptura recommendation. Didn’t know about that one, seems fun,

Thanks. I guess I could start playing around with Sculptura.
I would probably also at some point like to create and add textures. Do anybody use any interesting apps for that, that can export to USDZ?

Well, I guess this might work for converting .obj to .usdz

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You can now quickly preview their designs in AR, and Pro subscribers can export to USDZ, which they can then use in other apps on the Apple ecosystem.

Looking forward to see what you create!

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