Extend freeform surfaces (NURBS)

Hi there, my idea is to do Reverse Engineering with support of Shapr3D.

I did a 3D scan of a part, created the standard geometries and freeform surfaces (NURBS) in specialized RE software and exported everything to Shapr3D. My idea is to use that software to merge all gemotries to a solid body, create dependencies, adapt the elements, etc.

Unfortunately, Shapr3D is not able to extend freeform surfaces. I need to extend them, because I need to merge them with other geometries. Will it be possible in the future?

Hi @dhuels, Shapr3D indeed can’t extend standalone surfaces, but it can eztend freeform surfaces that are part of solid bodies. Wg. That happens when you offset a face that is connected to a freeform surface. Would that work for you?