Extreme Lagging

Suddenly using the app (version 5.60.0 on M1 Air) is extremely buggy (lagging, unresponsive, sometimes crashes) with a certain sketch. This is a Google image of what the shape looks like, except mine are fractions of an inch for each dimension. https://users.stlcc.edu/amosher/AreaofaCircle_files/image002.jpg Is this an Shapr3D issue? All other sketches work great. I already did basic troubleshooting (system reboot, app restart, etc). I cannot add my own screenshot or screen recording as those are not allowed for new users on this forum.

Hi @jcm10 , it should not be a problem. If you still experience the issue after basic troubleshooting (eg. restarting your computer), please contact our support@shapr3d.com team.

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I emailed them with a screen recording. I am disappointed as my deadline is Saturday.

Hi @jcm10! We have received your email regarding your issue and we are investigating it. Please check your inbox for further assistance.