Shapr3d Macbook Lag

I am not sure exactly how I can go about report this, but I am noticing noticeable lag on my machine when using shapr3d, with even just a simple square on the plane. It’s not related to how complex the model is, but when modeling ANYTHING, things will just lock up.

For example, right click will not register for a few seconds after taking the action. Or, shift right click-drag to move about the plane will also randomly just not work.

I have been using shapr3d on Macs for a while now and only noticed this issue very recently. I did upgrade my machine, but Im pretty sure going from a base model m2 air to a monster 16in pro is not what’s causing the issues.

Hey @DawnVega,
Please open a support ticket with the following info to help us to investigate your issue:

  • shapr3D app version
  • Device config
  • Steps to reproduce the issue
  • Screen recording
  • Workspace if possible
    Thank you!