Extrude a floor plan vertically to create walls w/o generating a volume


I am a new and unexperienced Shapr3D user.

I would like to generate a model of the first storey of a building. This model should consist of plane surface elements representing wall sections and floor and ceiling, i.e. the outer surfaces.

This model will later serve as the basis to generate a 3D Finite-Element model made of shell (not volume) elements.

I wonder how to effectively do it?

I started with the floor plan by drawing it with line segments, placed in the walls‘ system/mid lines. Then, I tried to extrude this „closed polygone“ figure vertically. It works easily, however, as a volume body… But, I need only the outer surfaces, on top of which I want to copy the floor plan, to create the empty body…

Will appreciate any tipps or link to an example…

Hi Peter, it sounds like you will to like generate a 3d sketch of the bulding from the extruded solid bodies.

This is not complelety feasible with the app. You can draw your 2d sketches for your wall and floor outlines and also have a 2d sketch for your ceiling outline
Use the Move/rotate Transform tool raise the ceiling sketch 2d sketch above the 2d sketch for the walls and floor section: Move and rotate shapes | Creating simple 3D bodies - YouTube

Here’s a great webinar video to help give you some insight on modelling around architecral sketches: