Extruding problems


As you can see from the given image, the object won’t extrude for some reason. I’ve got a lot of files now, snd since I am using the free version, I deleted some files in order to ease up the flow, but that didn’t seem to help.
Is the model too complex, too many lines, or something else is the problem?

Thanks in advance


Tap on the number label, and manually set the operation to fuse.


Yeah, tried that also, failed. That is actually the only way I could do this. When I just extrude it with pen it won’t do anything


Can you make a video of the problem?


Omg, okay I’ll try. But i explained the problem. The pink part is the one that nEeds to be extruded, and when I input the measure it just gets back to the start with no extrusion. For some reason my iPad is slower also. I’m nit sure is it because of shapr3d or some other applications


Yes you did explain it, and it is much appreciated, but a video quite often helps us in figuring out what could be the problem.


Also the core is much bigger, I had to brake it apart in order to do the extrusion


Okay, I’ll record the vid