Extrusion limitations related to scale?

A little background,
I recently bought a onefinity cnc machine, and decided to learn Shapr3D as the main cad system for working on it. Having very very little experience with 3D modeling, I decided to give myself a few starter design projects to try to get a grip on things, and so far that’s been going great, and my googling/browsing this forum has done a ton of great for me. My current project is making a scrabble board, and I’ve run into an issue with making the special score tiles for it.

I think this issue is some kind of combo of the scale I’m working in, and the font I’m trying to use (the font is .1” tall, the square it’s in is .85” x .85”), as I’ve found that some fonts won’t extrude at all when they’re this small, but I’ve succeeded in doing what I’m trying to do with a more basic font.
So I’m trying to:
Extrude center of letters to .15”
Extrude letters to .14”
Extrude square to .15”

But the square has limitations on how it will extrude.

I’ve attached a video, if anyone has any insight into what’s going on here, I would appreciate it.

On this scale your body extruded from the “square” might intersect with the existing ones. Extrude has an auto-boolean logic which changes if the created body intersects with other elements.
From the video what I can imagine that on the your first attempt you are cutting those intersecting elements because the option is set to subtract automatically. On the second attempt there are still intersections, how is that possible? We use different body validation method during dragging an arrow and when releasing it. In order to calculate more fast and the experience to feel more fluid with real time preview we use a more permissive body validation during arrow drags, which results in jumping boolean sets :I To get the wanted result, tap the boolean badge next to the annotation once you set the extrusion height to choose new body, union, intersect, subtract.