Extrusion question from sketch plane

This is with the beta version. I have a construction plane with several completed/enclosed sketches (5). I can extrude a couple of sketches, but one I hit a third, the rest of the entire sketch disappears. What am I missing

Here is when I select the third item:

Here is after the extrusion:

What am I missing?

Look in the folder panel to see it it has been hidden.

So, that’s it. It automatically hides it after the second extrusion, which is interesting. Of all the things I have drawn, I have not noticed that behavior

If your app is up to date, it should hide only after the last extrudable profile is “used up”. So if you draw 100 profiles, you should be able to do 100 extrudes.

You mention the beta version.
Be aware that in 25 days, the beta version will expire (if you are on iPad/macOS, I don’t know for Windows). So it is important that you export your designs from the beta version in .shapr format before the beta stops working and you should migrate to the normal version, which has all the beta features and many improvements.