When I make a 3-D object I make my markup on the right side surface. When I am done I go to the opposite (ledt) side surface and want to make shapes on it. When I go to sketch on the left side all of the shapes and lines I made on the opposite side show up and stay. I have tried hidding the plane I have tried using construction planes Im not sure how to fix this problem. Can you help?I need to be able to sketch on all sides without other shapes showing up.

Hi, this happens as the sketches are on the same plane. When you start sketching on a plane all sketches on that plane will become active.

Depending on your design, if you do not want the sketch on the right view interfering you can use the sides of the 3d object as your reference for sketching.
Double-tap on the left side of the 3d object using a finger, then make your sketch and then double-tap on the right side of the 3d object to make the sketches on the right view.

how do i make the edges of the object my reference?

I have also tried the doble tapping it seems to work when there isn’t anything drawn on it. How do I hide the drawing from other planes once I have sketched on that plane?

Here’s a short screen recording showing what I tried to explain and I hope this helps :slight_smile: :

very helpful I want to use the box in your video to explain the issue. The problem I’m facing is after Ive drawn the first circle and then pan over to the left side of the box the circle that was sketched on the right side shows up with dimensions on the left side.

Thanks for getting back. I guess you have sketches on the same plane and like I initially explained when you start sketching on a plane all sketches on that plane becomes active.

This is the expected behavior and this can’t be turned off somehow. I will share your feedback with our product and engineering teams.