Sketch planes error

Hello Shapr3D-team,
Discovering your Beta version it seems that I have some error with the sketches. When I mirror for example a circle on sketch plane 1, the circle will be moved to sketch plane 1 (1). see photo. However this is not what I want because it is not related to the original sketch plane. It’s also not possible to bring it back to the original sketch plane. It’s very needed to have more grip on this. Hopefully you have some solution for this. Thnx!

This is indeed clunky and we will be working on fixing this in the coming weeks/months. Right now the only available workaround is to manually recreate the two sides of the symmetrical sketch from similar sketch shapes (lines, arcs, circles etc.) and then define a symmetry constraint between them manually. We’ll make setting them up a lot easier via a specialized sketch mirror tool very soon.

Ok fair and square. Looking forward to your further improvements.

Is there any news on the improvement of the sketch planes? Regretfully it seems there is another issue. If you sketch on the first plane, work out your design and want to add another sketch (even when you hide everything including the sketchplanes! ) and you would like to extrude this new sketch, the first sketch still affects the new sketch. See the below photo. This is really difficult to work with. So any news about this new update ? I really hope so because this will makes your software so much better.

@Edwin yes indeed it is very confusing. We changed this behavior so that only visible geometries play a role in what profiles are available and will release in the next beta update that is expected to ship next Tuesday, 24th of October.

Hey Matyi, Thanks for the info, looking forward to the new beta update to see what have been improved.
Regarding the sketch planes it’s very nice and necessary to use different sketch planes in the designing process, although the new sketch should not (automatically) connect with other sketchplanes. So hopefully this will be improved and your super 3D software is better than ever!

It doesn’t, only if you select that sketch. If you hide the sketch, and start a new one on the same plane, it will create a new sketch.

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Well, it seems this is not the case. Maybe I have to say it effects (the pre-fase) to go to the 3D body. Please see the examples below. On the first screenshot you can see that the first made sketch has an effect on the second designed sketch (just a rectangle). On the second screenshot I made an example with an extruded circle. If you would like to sketch on the plane of the extruded body with another circle it also clearly effects on the the second made sketch (the first circle cut’s out the new circle). In the “normal” version of Shapr3D this is not the case. Please correct me if I’m wrong but on more difficult designs this really gives complicated issues.

e second

In the standard version when you hide the body, it will not effects the new sketch.