Sketches question

Hi, I have a sketch and a body. When I continue drawing (on the same face), sometimes a new sketch is created. Why? And is it possible to merge sketches into one?

Can you share a screenshot what exactly happens?

You probably hit the small plus button, that will create a copy of what you’re selecting.

I have no idea when and why a new sketch plane is created. And, can I merge them?

Yes, you can merge them .

Ok, I found this too, but are they really merged in the same plane, or just grouped in a directory?
Do you have an idea when a new plane is created?

Hi Serge,

A new sketch plane is created each time you start a sketch anywhere on a plane or planar face where no sketch was placed before. If you select Sketch plane 03 in the items list, for example, you’ll see the sketch highlighted in the modeling space.

What Rohan showed was a good idea, but it was just moving the sketches into a folder for easier management, to merge the sketches, you should move the sketch elements to the same plane.


This works automatically if the elements are in one plane, see video:


Hi Peter,

Often it is not clear when a new sketch plane is created (it happened to me more than once). It would be nice to see/receive a notification/message/warning when a new plane is created.


Great Pascal!

Thank you.

Hi Serge,

Every time you start a sketch on a plane (Plane A for example) where no sketch was before, Shapr3D creates a sketch plane (Sketch plane 01). If you leave the sketch and start another one on a different plane (like on Plane B), a second sketch plane (Sketch plane 02) will be made.
As you jump back to the first plane (Plane A) for some more sketching, there will be no new sketch plane made, you’ll continue to work on Sketch plane 01.

I hope I could clarify :slight_smile:

Help? Not really… I was sketching on the ‘same’ plane and yet 2 new sketch planes were created. By ‘same plane’ I mean XY and Z=0.

Hmm, could you please share the Shapr3D design with us? Even here or at, it would help a lot to find the reason. Thanks!

Oh sorry, I can’t anymore. I deleted the unwanted sketch planes and draw the missing lines on the remaining plane again.

If it happens again I’ll send you the design.