Adding new sketches

when adding a new sketches does shapr3D always put the new sketch on “sketch plane 01” or is there a way to put it on a completely new plane because so that none of the old sketches will show up when I put in a new one, very confusing.

Thank you

You need to create your additional sketches on different planes for them to be different. There are a number of ways to do that: offset construction planes, faces on objects you create, or even axis planes orthogonal to one you’ve already sketched on (e.g. x-y plane and y-z plane).

I must not be doing something right because every time i start a new sketch the previous sketch activates and it is added to it instead of a new sketch. in the video you can see that it puts the new sketch on Sketch plane 01 even if it is hidden.

The new sketch you are making is still on the same plane as the old one. When you start to make a new sketch on a plane that already has a sketch on it, Shapr just adds that new sketch to what was there before. It turns on that layer (even if hidden), which is what appears to happen in your video the moment you start drawing the circle.

Think of them as “sketch planes”, as opposed to just sketches. To make a new “sketch plane” it needs to be on a completely different plane. If you want to have a fresh sketch plane at the origin point, try relocating the sketch plane that is already there. Select sketch plane 01, tap close if you need to, then tap the Up arrow to move the whole sketch plane up or down a few feet. Now that sketch plane 01 is moved away from the origin point, when you draw from the origin point again it will create a fresh new sketch plane, with nothing else on it, since there is no longer one there. You’ll just need to keep track of where you’ve moved planes around to.

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