Loft, how to?

Hey guys, so been doing a lot of shapr lately however I have never used lofts or splines to make softer shapes.

Now I have tried lofting and I cannot get anything that I like. Maybe I don’t understand how to use these but it appears once you loft that’s it. You can’t edit the shape. I tried pushing, pulling, it either distorts and does nasty geometry or just crashes and this with a loft of only 3-4 profiles. So not sure how you would use this.

I wanted to add lines like other spline applications and push/pull but it doesn’t work at all. Messes the model up.

So are you supposed to get the splines 100% perfect and then loft and if you need to edit start again?.

I feel like this tool could be great. But so far I can’t figure out how to edit it.

Also other thing, my lofting is cut off hard at end and start. How do you round the edge?. Continue with more splines? Smaller and smaller?. Filleting rarely works.

In the image I did a quick test. The ends are cut off hard. Any soften setting or way to control the start and end?. Also I wanted to add lines to control further. Projecting lines works, but moving them doesn’t.


Here is a sample for the loft.

BUT more complex loft tool would be very welcome. May be at first the guided loft…

Cool thanks for sharing. The way you round the ends is abit scary lol. Needing that many splines seems like a huge endeavor, I was hoping you could terminate with single splines to create a capped end

Similar to this. Using single splines. Not closed splines and building it like this. Doesn’t look like the tool is that advanced in shapr :(.

No it’s not, It is not the kind of tool create “organic” shape with precision,

I wouldn’t use a backhoe to rake a garden. Can I rake the garden with a backhoe? Probably.

My point? Know your tools.

You can buy a Swiss Army knife which is mediocre at many things (like me :rofl:).

I wouldn’t buy Maya to draw project prototype case that I would send to the mold maker for production.

I had 30+ programs I used to do my job prototyping/ lead tech for an electronics company. Probably closer to 50

Shapr3D is AMAZING at quickly fleshing out rather complex “CAD” designs QUICKLY, INTUITIVELY. Modeling organic shapes? Not so much!

Can you carve a bunny with Shapr3d. ABSOLUTELY, as you can with a Swiss Army knife. Is it the best tool for the job? Not really.

Offset drawing planes.
You would need to offset a drawing plane and shrink the profile to get the rounded shape you are looking for. Take a drawing, Select it, move it to an offset and then use the “Offset Edge” tools to create a smaller version to loft to, to simulate the smoothing of the surface.

Elegant? No. Doable yes.

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