Modifying lofts

I’m trying to design a plate that has an extended lip. For instance, I’ve designed an irregular shaped floor that slopes up to an irregular shaped inner lip, which then juts out horizontally to an irregular shaped outer edge.

I’ve tried doing this with three sketches and using the lofting feature to connect all the sketches. Unfortunately, the loft transitions smoothly through all three sketches. I want an angled wall with a hard edged transition to the outer lip.

Lofting the floor sketch to the inner lip creates the correct wall shape but then I can’t connect the inner lip to the outer lip sketch as a separate loft. Finally, I want to shell the plate to create the final form. Any thoughts on how to achieve this?

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Just use the loft tool with 2 sketches,(for the top and for the bottom) to make a body,
Then use shell tool , tap on the top and set the wall thickness.
If you want en edge for this shell on the top, make a new sketch with the offset and extrude (tap the inner edge and the offset sketch) new body with the height as the wall thickness, and union

Once I offset the outer wall edge to make the lip and extrude it slightly downwards, there is a slight gap between the outer wall of the plate (which slopes inwards) and the extrusion which Extrudes straight down. You mentioned something about choosing the inner wall of the sketch before extrusion but thus doesn’t seem to work. Thank you for your help regarding this!

Make a construction plane over the object.
Project the mentioned edges to the plan
Extrude downward with same height as the wall thicness
Transform this body to tho,of the shell, then union.

I cant upload the pics step by step:(

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