Fast cut/slice mode, limit object fast bool

So I found that using intersection or subtract are useful and you can make cut lines with them but I found it a bit cumbersome, it would be nice if there was a slice mode that would just set the extrude to create the effect and to have it as a boolean operation. Currently, I have to intersect and then subtract in order to get the cut.

A similar effect can be found in MOI where you can just simply draw a line or shape and it will either cut through (similar to the split body tool) or it will cut a shape into the geometry. Split body is close to what I want but as far as I can tell I can’t do a cookie cutter effect with shapes.

Another thing I’m wondering, is there a way to limit which objects get cut when doing a fast extrusion? I suppose I can hide objects I don’t want to cut before hand but maybe there could be a way to select an object you want to cut, then select the sketch face and extrude?