Quick slice - feature request


Would it be possible to build a macro function that combines all the necessary operations so we can in 1 operation create a slice into an object.

Currently my workflow is:

Select body to slice > select intersecting body > intersect ( maintaining original bodies > delete the extra body ( keeping the original mesh I want to slice > then do subtract select mesh I want to slice > select intersecting mesh > now I have two slices.

The operation is always the same, so basically a repetition of multiple steps which could be possibly reduced to a sort of macro - quick slice:

So select mesh > “Quick slice” > select mesh to intersect with > slices creating two meshes with no left overs.

Slicing is something I do a lot as I do only sci-fi and lots of detailed panels :). Any time reduction on that would be wonderful. Let me know if there is a quicker way to do so. Thanks!