Fault in-app? Extrusion disappears mid drag?

Hi, just need to clear this up please, as I’m looking at purchasing at it’s driving me mad.
Ipad pro, latest OS, latest app.

I’m doing a tutorial on the tube, and it’s the most simple thing.
One side extrusion wall, with a dado in it for a shelf, dado falling 40mm short of the front of the wall.
The lesson then shows making a sketch on the back for a shelf, but dragging it to the full extent to the front, and then doing a ‘simple’ extraction so the shelf fits the dado, yet cuts the corners of the 40mm shortfall length.

-As soon as I drag the shelf extrusion (a simple rectangle on the back face) along to the front to the point of the dado and past it, the extrusion completely disappears?!? As soon as I go 1mm even over the dado shortfall, like “well, this is gonna collide, so it ain’t happening”.

Have I missed some basic setting for this, please?
Many thanks.

When the extruded body touches another body, it automatically switches to a boolean cut (it cuts out the extruded shape from the other one). Simply change the boolean operation to “New body” once you extruded the profile.

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Many thanks, I’ve just gone into the app again to try this but find I can’t undo a thing, the option has gone, is this because of free or do you lose undo once you leave the app? Can’t seem to find a history like I’m used to in Fusion. I realise I’m only hours in but thought I’d ask.

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Shapr3D is a direct modeling tool, meaning that there is no design history (only undo history). If you quit the app, the undo history will be discarded.