Feature parity

My interest in Shapr is for CAD suitable for use with a stylus, which for me is a Wacom tablet and Windows. The new rendering features are not present in the Windows version and 3DConnexion support is missing too. Are these important features coming to Windows any time soon?

Yes, we are actively working on bringing Visualization to Windows, and finally removing the Early Access label from Shapr3D for Windows in general. It’s a high priority for the company. You can expect a lot of progress in the next 3 months.

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It has been 3 months but the same differences remain.
While the summer sale is tempting the disparity between Windows and MacOs/IOS is still too much to justify subscribing. I understand the value of developing for MacOs as there are so few options for the platform but if you want to onboard Windows customers too…

Visualization for Windows will soon enter the public beta phase, and depending on the feedback we get, release soon. Other missing parts are also coming out in the coming weeks / months. :wink:

In some cases, Windows is actually ahead, e.g. it has new view navigation, as well as Wacom support, which other platforms don’t have yet.

What do you miss most from the Windows version?

3D Connexion support is important but rendering is probably the most noticeable shortfall.
Coming months is a very long time when the product is subscription only. If there was a perpetual license I would not mind one version being a few months behind as much.

Hi @bbuxton , I understand that you miss Visualization from Windows. We are very excited to deliver it as soon as possible, and to close all the remaining feature gaps too.

Hi Pascal,

Thanks for sharing, we’ve duly noted your requests in the other threads where you mentioned them.

Regarding the

you can do this by selecting a body, clicking on Isolate and then export. Only the Isolated body will be exported.

I thought this was the case and am sure I’ve done this on many occasions,
However, most recently and while answering a similar question from another use, I discovered that it doesn’t work.

I isolated the body I wanted to export then hit ‘export’.

I opened/imported the new file and…

…everything was still intact. Not just the exported body but all the hidden bodies also.

I was able to switch off isolation mode to reveal all of the previously hidden bodies.

The only way I can export a separate body now is to…

First duplicate the file.
Then delete the unwanted bodies.
Then export the file.
(this is always the same size as the original file)
Then import the file back in to a new workspace.
Then re-export the file.
(only then do I have a ‘clean’ file with just the desired body)