Save each group into separate files (Win 11)

Hi. how to export each group into separate files?
i cant find the options
thank you

Hide the bodies which you want to save separately and when you export the bodies turn off the option “include hidden items”.

Rohan is right, however, that settings window you screenshotted is not available on Windows yet. We are working on it and it should be available in a few months at most.

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But you cannot make this selection when saving in Shapr3D format. It will then save all groups (hidden and visible). Would be happy to see that changed in all environments.

hi peter, could you give schedule when it roll out? it is really hurtful when Windows user need to render in Blender, it really takes time when we export 1 by 1. since Visualization not availbale yet on Win

We’ve already started working on it, though there are a few things we’d like to change and not just copy the Mac & iPad workflow as it’d not be the best approach on Windows. Unless something goes horribly wrong, it should land in a release in at most 2-3 months, possibly earlier.

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