5.90 - Visualization is finally out!

If there’s a single reason you should update to 5.90, it has to be Visualization. Here’s the complete list of novelties in this release:

  • New: Add textures and finishes to your objects and make your design pop with Visualization. The new tool gives you a library with over 70 materials to test on any of your models.
  • Improved: Another version, another set of sketching bugs has been thrown out to oblivion.
  • Improved: Jumping to 3D from 2D got even smoother.

When is the update available please? I have auto-updates but haven’t seen this yet. I’m on 5.81.0

It’s available now.

Hi, it’s on a phased rollout, so if you are on auto updates, you need to go to the app store page of the app to update.


Hi, do you have any approximation of when we could see rotation of materials? Since I’m working alot with projects involving wood it’s quite sad that I can’t utilize Shapr3d’s Vizualisation. Misdirected woodgrains just don’t work when presenting too a customer.

As of now I still need to export to Cadmio for the rendering part

Further, any plans to implement knots for the wood?

This is a comparison of a simple planter with Cadmio vs Shapr3d rendering :


By the progress you’ve made over the almost two years I’ve used the app I’m sure the day comes when we no longer need to export to other programs for such tasks. I’m simply curious how long the wait will be? And if you have any intentions of adding more complex wooden materials with knots? That would be awesome beyond belief!

Perhaps I should’ve posted this as a separate topic?

Thanks beforehand


Hi @Einar , this is certainly the most requested feature, so we consider it to be a priority. Can’t give you an exact date yet, but it’s top of mind for the Visualization team.


Thanks Istvan. Got it

When we can use our own material for visualization like blender ? Now I still need to export our 3D model to third part software for visualization more details.

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It’s something that we might implement in the future, but it’s not among our immediate plans. However we are adding more materials regularly. What materials would you like to see?

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I hope Shapr3D strong enough like blender can use any kind of material for visualization. I am tired for jumping in deferent render software. In fact now I designed a light weight artificial stone honeycomb aluminum table .I want to have different textures stones let me have choices. But Shapr3D only have two ! How could be ? Please give us more.:smiley:

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Besides I am your big fans. Shapr3D is very strong 3D modeling software. May I follow you at twitter?

Same my view… Shapr3D visualization still in baby’s step. We need to give her a papatience Now we need to export the model to third party software for rendering. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi Gene, Visualization is designed for rapid iterations, for stakeholder presentations, design reviews, where the real time rendering adds a lot of value. For final, high resolution renders you can export to a ray tracer. It’s not impossible that we’ll add that ability to Shapr3D in the future, but for now we are focusing on improving the quality of our real time rendering. And of course you can follow us twitter: https://twitter.com/shapr3d my personal twitter is twitter.com/istvan_csanady

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Thanks a lot ! Bring us such powerful 3D modeling tools on iPad ! Yep, visualization is on her 2.0 version. But we still dreaming Shapr3D have render engine like “ unreal ” Maybe Shapr3D can deal with “ unreal engine ” . Make us dream come true earlier.


so When the Windows version roll out? i think windows (only) user deserve lower price since it as always late. even i can’t export separately on windows, that is really simple task.

Windows just got out of beta. And they already cut their price in half for the pro subscription.
It’s a whole nother plattform with a variety of specs and drivers. And probably a whole nother team working on it.

One thing to consider: It will probably have more features, less bugs and catch up when it launches it visualisation. Mac and Ipad will be the early adopters with the bugs and not rotatable wood textures :slight_smile:
I’m sure they will deliver;)

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+1 for the wood texture comment!

Whilst I love Visualisations, not being able to rotate wood is a huge issue for me. For me it’s like having a Porsche without keys.

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thank you, may i try the windows beta version? where to get the installation?

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