Feature request - Add loft vertex

This one feature would enable sharpr’s use as a mobile, low cost polymodelling tool for video game assets.

Fundamentally the requirement is to have no curved surfaces to allow direct control of the number of quadrangles/triangles. Unfortunately, curved surfaces are created when lofting between non-trivial polygons. Allowing the addition of loft points to reduce a quadrangle to a triangle in the loft process would resolve the problem.

Basically the process would be this;

  1. Loft between two surfaces
  2. Before accepting the loft, add points to the edge of one face.
  3. Move the generated points to existing hard points to force a triangle

The ability to move generated loft points created when lofting between an unequal number of points is already there which makes me believe this could be achievable.

Thanks for your time!

Edit for double negative