Feature request or help

I often find I want to deselect all objects but I am zoomed into a model and do not have an unpopulated area to touch to deselect all. It would be handy if there was always a deselect All button available or someway of deselecting all without having to move the model view to achieve an unpopulated area.

The perfect solution for this would be to implement the double tap feature on the pencil, I think this would be a very simple fix for a very common problem.



how can I remove the body marked blue in the construction area at an angle, except for angles from the rest of the area


Hi, I’m going to give this a go, but I’m new to this so it may not be the most expedient way…

This was a quick mock up of course, I can’t be sure what construction you used or if this would contradict anything else you’ve drawn around, or behind it.

It might help to repost this with it own topic / heading , more people might notice it, where it’s positioned now just looks like you were answering someone else’s question, yet not looking for help… Tom