A few feature requests


As a relativly frequent user of Shapr and 15 yrs+ experience in other 3d software such as Maya and Solidworks, I have come up with some feature requests…some may actually be relativly easy to implement, others more complicated. Thank you for hearing me out.

  1. Round corners in shapes where 2 lines meet
  2. When selecting another object in transform mode reset manipulator position
  3. Don’t name all of the bodies… Body… At least give them some numbers like body1, body2… The names should ideally be unique
  4. Ability to add multiple selected bodies to folder
  5. Switch object space translate to world space when in obj transform mode
  6. Deselect all… Quick button or shortcut … PLEASE…this shoud be easy
  7. Filters… Select only bodies, edges, points
  8. Isolate selected body (temporarily hide the rest)
  9. Move viewport rotation centerpoint to center of selected objects
  10. Set viewport zoom level and position so that only selected objects are framed. 11. Lasso selection



  1. we’ll consider
  2. we’d lose the custom gizmo position not based on selection, but still we’ll consider
  3. it’s already implemented that way, please update the app (we’ll improve auto naming further)
  4. on the roadmap
  5. we’ll consider
  6. on the roadmap
  7. on the roadmap
  8. on the roadmap
  9. good idea, we’ll consider
  10. can you explain it a bit further
  11. on the roadmap

thanks for taking the time to give feedback!



Thank you very much for your fast response Zoli.

Please see my comments below:

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