Is there a way to disable double tap to select all?

New user here. Love the double tap feature but it gets in the way often when using an ipad. If I have to select a bunch of edges to chamfer/fillet, i often accidentally double tap and select the entire body.

Is there a way to temporarily disable that? Or a way to undo a selection (not deselect all, just want to undo the last selection i made)?


There is no way at the moment to disable this function, however in case you need to select multiple edges, area selection, using the Edges filter helps big time. Even if you happen to select a few extra, removing them from the selection is usually easier then selecting all of them one by one.

Thanks for the response.

I’m not sure area selection would have been any better (may have needed to deselect just as many edges as I needed to select), but thanks for the suggestion.

This is unrelated, but I’m thinking I need to find a parametric modeler. Shapr3D has got a pretty great UI, but in the little I’ve used it, I’m already finding it difficult to make changes for things like tolerances as I iterate on my designs for 3D printing.

Does Shapr3D have some kind of concept of constraints when working with bodies similar to what’s available with sketches?

Not at the moment, currently Shapr3D is a direct modelling tool.

For prototyping, the current best way is to create copies of the body being worked on at major points of the flow, then hiding them. Depending on the complexity, you can end up with 50 + variations, but sometimes it comes in really handy, as you can unhide them, and check all of them together, pick the best etc.

Sure, in many cases, parametric comes in handy, especially for major changes, but in other cases, fixing the history can be a mess too, there are times when completely redoing the whole model is easier than fixing the conflicts / problems.

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