Feature Request, Orthogonal Surface Lofting

This is a little hard for me to explain but I’ve ran into this issue doing a few different things. I believe Lofting does line of best fit which is nice sometimes but inconvenient at others. I think it would be nice if there was an option to make the surface vectors orthogonal instead of line of best fit.

So in the picture below a loft from the surface on the XY plain to the ZY plain goes straight and the ones behind it do best fit. However if there was Orthogonal option it would look like the mirrored revolve. It’s not hard if you are working with 2d surfaces to find another way with revolve or something but If you are 3D surface it’s significantly harder. This would make it a smooth/tangent transition from one surface to another if you needed.

I have to say when I’m using loft most of the time I want:

  1. all direct connections (can do by multiple lofts)
  2. orthogonal (need to mirror your surfaces, crazy hard with 3d surfaces, maybe not possible sometimes)
  3. best fit (current)

I’ve got one more request if your curious but ill stick with this one first.