Loft tool customization ideas

Hello !

Lastly I tried to design my funnel that has some interesting shape.
I found that the loft tool don’t allow us to set up the way in which the surface of created body goes through the profiles.
Take a look at pictures below. These are my profiles and I wanted the surface to go perpendicular through them - but it seems it tries to go the shortest distance. As a result I got an edge that I don’t like.
I know this option is possible - Solidworks has it :smiley:
Will You give us more loft tool options soon ??

I’m aware that in this model I could do more sketches around the axis so the final result will be smoother. But what I’m trying to say is that in other cases whe need more freedom, the ability do decide how the surface behave. That is very important e.g. when we connect two separated bodies with loft tool. Most of the time we want the connection to be smooth.

… and by the way - that’s the final result :smiley: