Feature Request: Save/Recall Selection

Hi there.

I’m relatively new to Shapr3D although am enjoying it’s intuative approach to 3D design. One of my biggest frustrations however is that making adjustments to several parts of a design in one go can get a bit tedious, especially if you’re needing to do this repeatedly to ‘fine tune’ a design. In some senses this is due to the direct modelling approach Shapr3D uses which means going back to a sketch to make adjustments is not really possible and instead requires you to go through your design selecting the parts you’d like to adjust.
What I think would make this whole process a little smoother though would be to be able to save a selection of your design as a kind of ‘selection group’ that can be recalled later. This would mean that if I were to design a cabinet for instance, I cound save the top faces/bodies as a selection that can instantly be recalled to make adjustments of the cabinet’s height. Similarly selections could be saved of the drawer knob faces that could then intantly be recalled to change the size of those in one go, or any other part of the design that would benefit from being able to be selected without being required to manually choose all the parts of the selection each time.