Feature request : Scale along axis/line.(spring compressor)


I’m designing a musical instrument and bought a few die springs and downloaded cad files for them.

The thing is, when the instrument is strung up and tuned, the spring(s) will compress and preload. My cad model of the instrument shows the instrument when it is up to tune and under tension, and I figured it’d be nice if there was an option to stretch/compress the spring model along the height axis alone, as if it were compressing.

This feature could come in handy when designing instrument neck/scale length as well, as there are many guitars with many different scale lengths yet the relative location of the frets are always the same within the scale length, as long as the tuning system (equal-temper for most situations nowadays) stays the same. Also, the neck width on a specific scale length can be varied easily depending on intended player’s hand size and preference, if stretch on a model/drawing can be done along select axis.

What do you think? Call it stretch, or scale along axis?

Seem that all you need to do is increase the height dimension?
Creating the spring diameter that you need while adjusting the length.

Imported bodies or, stretching not only a simple geometry but a whole group of parts on an instrument, it’d be way quicker since you don’t have to draw in the parts, or adjust individually if possible.